Volunteer Opportunities

There are always opportunities to volunteer at the Albany Regional Museum.

Regardless of your age, health, time constraints, skills or talents, if you have the desire to help the museum, we will find a project for you. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Like to Talk? Be a docent, greet visitors or lead a tour
  • Computer Savvy? Graphic design work for posters, post cards or website maintenance.
  • Like Digging to the Bottom? Research for exhibits, identify people, places or things in photos or research items in our collections.

The list is endless!

Be an ARM Board Member

Every year a few spots open up on the ARM Board as some terms end. Terms are for 3 years, and appointments occur every fall.

Please contact us, or speak directly to one of our Board Members if you are interested in becoming a future Board Member.



Collections Artifacts

If you have an item or group of items you would like to lend or donate to the Albany Regional Museum, contact us today.