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Albany's Specialty Metals

The Albany Specialty Metals exhibit shows visitors how the three major metals developed in Albany were made and how they are or were used. The metals are: titanium, niobium and zirconium. People can move metal blocks around with special gloves to see the grain structure of each. Although the blocks are of different sizes, each weighs two pounds. The interactive display also explains Albany’s role at the dawn of the Atomic Age, past, present and future

Hand from "Tim Burr"

Hand from "Tim Burr"

History of the Timber Carnival

"The Albany Timber Carnival provided vivid and enduring memories for thousands of spectators each July for nearly sixty years and became the nation's premier event honoring the timber industry."

Excerpt from Tim Burr! An Illustrated History of the World Championship Albany Timber Carnival by Ed Loy  Available in the Museum Store


Train Station

In the train station replica there is a ticket counter, a mannequin selling tickets, a train service timetable, train photos and an Albany railway map among other items.


1920-40 Era Kitchen

Items placed in the kitchen display are from the 1920 to 1940 period and show how that room became  the heart of the home. Included is a Hoosier cabinet from 1914. The free-standing cupboard also serves as a work station. In the exhibit is a Magic Chef gas stove from 1925, a circa 1940s kitchen sink with fixtures, and maple chairs with rawhide seats.

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Hale Deluxe Shoe Shine

African Americans Rufus and Bessie Hale opened a small shoeshine shop starting in 1939 near the Venetian Theater at First Avenue and Broadalbin Street. A replica of their business that operated until 1991 has been recreated in the museum. The exhibit includes a shoeshine chair, shoe polish, a desk, a cash register and a clock, among other items.