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Rod & Marty Tripp Reference Room

The Rod and Marty Tripp Reference Room holds many documents and books and provides workspace to facilitate research. The room is also available for meetings and classes. The illuminated sign of the room’s entrance was designed and crafted by local glass artist Jeff Senders. Rod Tripp served as the first treasurer of the Albany Regional Museum Board of Directors upon its formation in the 1980s.

Visitors are always welcome to come in and conduct research on their own without an appointment, staff is here to help get you started. If you prefer, you may make a research request for our staff to look into for a fee. See the Research Request Form page 2 for rates.

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Research Fees

In order to protect our collections and provide the best possible service to our patrons, we have devised a policy that aligns with our mission and provides access to our collection. Visitors are welcome to browse our Reference Room located on the first floor of the museum at no charge, although donations are greatly appreciated. Our staff and volunteers are available to help you get started with your research.

Should you require assistance beyond a basic cursory search, you may request help from our researches for a fee. The fees associated with conducting research at the museum are a reflection of staff time required to process these requests. All initial fees must be paid in full before orders are processed.

Note: Discounts may be given to various membership levels. Please let a staff person know if you are a member of the museum.

General Research Fees

In order to best serve our researchers, we do charge an initial fee for completing a research request form. This $25.00 fee is payable by either cash or check and will need to be paid when a research request form is returned to the museum. Given the length and difficulty of the research request, the request may be subject to additional fees. In this case, the researcher will be informed before the museum proceeds with the request.

Photocopies and Document Scans

Black & White Copy — $.25 per page (standard paper)

Color Copy — $1.00 per page (standard paper)

Digital Scan — $0.50 per page (color or grayscale)

Photograph Image Reproduction Fees

Digital photo scan < 200 DPI — $5 per image, (sent via email)

Digital photo scan > 200 DPI — $15 per image (sent via email)

Photograph Reproduction for Publishing

Digital photo scan < 200 DPI — $75 per image (sent via email)

Digital photo scan > 600 DPI — $150 per image (sent via email)

Note: Fee is for one-time use of images. Images must appear with the following credit: Photos courtesy of the Albany Regional Museum archives.

Rush Orders

Rush orders may be available for research requests required in less than 7 - 10 working days. Additional fees will apply.

The museum reserves the right to deny reproduction should doing so cause harm to the object or if the object has known access or copyright restrictions. Researchers are responsible for compliance with laws governing copyright and literary property rights. Neither the granting of access to materials nor the copying of materials convey or imply conveyance of the right to publish or use the materials in any way.